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  Key Officials of State Level Office

Sl. No Name of the Employees Designation Component Allotted E-mail ID Contact
1 Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh, IAS State Project Director (SPD) Head of the Institution 08544412149
Sri Rajeev Ranjan Prasad State Programme Officer Elementary Formal Education (EFE) 08544412160
3 Smt. Archana Verma State Programme Officer Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) & Girls Education 08544412188
4 Dr. Ravi Shankar Singh State Programme Officer Management Information System (MIS), Research Evaluation Monitoring & Supervision (REMS), Planning, Liasoning with Other Department, Innovative -  Computer Aided Learning (CAL) 08544412161
5 Sri Dipak Kumar Singh State Programme Officer Alternative & Innovative Education (AIE), Innovation SC/ST,ECE, Minority, Urban Deprived &  MMJC/CSJC,  Administration & Establishment 08544412163
6 Sri Prabhat Kumar Pankaj State Programme Officer Textbooks, Uniform, Scholarship  & Inclusive Education (IE) 08544412190
7 Smt. Aarti Rani State Programme Officer Community Mobilisation & Media 08544412164
8 Sri Bhola Prasad Singh Civil Works Manager (I/c) Civil Works 08544412165
9 Sri C. P. Singh Chief Accounts Officer Accounts & Finance, Public Information Officer (RTI), MMJC/CSJC 08544412166