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Based on the number of girls and the type of residential school to be provided, the selection of the model of the school to be selected would be done by a State Level Committee based on the recommendation of the District Committee for the purpose. The proposal shall be forwarded to the Cell at the National level who shall appraise them with the help of external agencies/consultants, where necessary. Finally, the Project Approval Board of SSA will approve these plans. The preferred models are as under: Annexure-1(a)

Model-III - Only hostel attached to existing school with effect from 1st April, 2008

  Non - Recurring Costs : Rupees in Lakhs
S.No. Item of Expenditure Amount per School*
1 Construction of Building 30.10
Boundary wall 1.50
  Boring/Hand pump (minimum rates prescribed by State Drinking Water Department subject to a ceiling of Rs.1.00 Lakhs) 1.00
  Electricity 0.20
2. Furniture/Equipment including kitchen equipment 3.00
3 Teaching learning material and equipment including library books 3.50
4. Bedding 0.75
  Total 40.15
  Non - Recurring Costs: Rupees in Lakhs
S.No. Item of Expenditure Amount per School*
1. Maintenance per trainee per month @ Rs. 900 10.80
2. Stipend for trainees per month @ Rs. 50 0.60
3. Supplementary TLM, stationery and other educational material 0.60
4. Salaries:  
  1 Warden  
  4 Part time teachers 12.0
  2 Urdu teachers (only for blocks with Muslim population above 20% and select urban areas), if required  
  3 Part time teachers  
  1 Full time accountant  
  2 Support Staff (Accountant/Assistant/Peon/Chowkidar)  
  1 Head cook and 1 Asst. Cook for 50 girls and 2 Asst. cook for 100 girls  
6. Vocational training/specific skill training 0.50
7 Electricity/water charges 0.60
8 Medical care/contingencies @ Rs. 750/- child  
9. Maintenance 0.40;
  Miscellaneous 0.40
10. Preparatory camps 0.15
11. PTAs/School functions 0.15
12 Provision of Rent (8 months) 0.30
  Total 30.27
  Grand Total 70.32