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The focus of NPEGEL will be to:
  1. Strengthen the capacity of National, State and district institutions and organisations for planning, management and evaluation of girls’ education at the elementary level, and create a dynamic management structure that will be able to respond to the challenges of girls’ education;
  2. Develop innovative gender sensitisation / training programmes, with the assistance of concerned organisations and women’s groups, for teachers and administrators and create an environment whereby all the sections of the education sector will become alive and sensitive to the role of education in eliminating gender disparities;
  3. Initiate networking between different institutions for research, extension and information dissemination to increase output of gender sensitive, quality teachinglearning material especially in regional languages, and decentralised area-specific models of intervention;
  4. Gear the entire education system to play a positive interventionist role to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence of women and girls; build a positive image of women by recognizing their contribution to the society, polity and the economy.
  5. Break gender stereotypes, ensuring that the content and process of education is sensitive to gender concerns.
  6. Provide co-ordinated efforts, to ensure necessary support services to enhance girls’ participation and performance in elementary education.
  7. Build community support for girls’ education and provide a conducive environment for girls’ education in the school, community and home; and
  8. Ensure that girls get good quality education at the elementary level.