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  Programmatic Norms
  1. NPEGEL interventions will supplement and support girls’ education over and above the investments for girls’ education through SSA interventions.
  2. All strategies and interventions must target all the 6 – 14 year old girls within the block.
  3. Focus of interventions should be on retention of girls and improvement in the quality of learning. Detailed action plans for the target group of girls and the specific strategies to be adopted in the block are spelt out, with defined and measurable outcomes.
  4. While preparing block-specific plans, these activities need to be shown against any of the appropriate activities listed in the norm.
    1. Nutrition and School Health: Health remains a critical issue for girls education. Greater malnutrition among girls and lower family priority towards their health affects their learning capacity. School health would involve general health check up with a more intensive follow up of such girls who require special attention. On sanctioning of a ‘Model Cluster School for Girl Child’, a list of such schools mentioning the nearest Government Hospital or Referral Hospital or PHC Centre to the school will be provided to the concerned State Health Department under intimation to the Department of Elementary Education & Literacy who will request the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for providing necessary services to the Model Cluster Schools. A synergy for this would be built with the Department of Health. Similar synergy will be developed for convergence of ‘Mid-day Meal Scheme’ run by the Department of Elementary Education & Literacy.
    2. Community Mobilization (Mobilization for enrolment, retention and learning):At the District and cluster (a group of about ten villages) level, mobilization activities including the training of teachers and educational administrators, mobilisation of the community, including formation and training of resource groups (Mother Teacher Associations (MTA), Women Motivator Groups(WMG), Mahila Samakhya (MS) Sanghas etc.), activities by resource group like enrolment, retention, talking to parents etc., training & review of resource group, community follow up of enrolment, attendance, achievement etc shall be carried out